Saturday, May 8, 2010

So Scott got a great interview in for Soap Scum.
Yay for us, we are coming to a close this season only 4 more shows to go. It's been a rip roar of a 4th season...lots of guests, lots of laughs, and even a few tears. Anyways check out The Crown Royals before the end of may.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chapter 7 of The Crown Royals as I remember it

Sidmund Cookiewhif, distant cousin to the Royal family - Matt Alden
For those if you who where unfortunate enough to miss the last show, we had a surprise guest from Die-Nasty which is the longest running live improvised Soap anywhere...Mr. Matt Alden. It's was one of the best shows of the season and we all had a blast.

This is a Cookiewhif sandwich...mmmm cookies

Admiral Shirley And High Chancellor of Whatchamacal commit a little murder

Doctor Charming and Shirley pondering the perfect ball...Take that however you want

honestly I can't even remember what went on, I just love the picture...they look so peaceful.

Guests are lined up and we are raring to go, so make sure too check out the remaining shows.

April 12Th, and April 26Th are the next two shows, which is fallowed by every Monday in May!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Scum One, Scum all!!

Scummers won't want to miss the next fancy chapter of pant-splitting laughter, as The Crown Royals welcome a guest list fit for a king! Mr. Geoff Hughes, whose incomparable reputation precedes him, Ms. Hilary(ous) Klassen of past fantabulous episodes, Mr. Tim Cranwill as Guest Narrator and, Mr. Matt Alden, writer of TV's 'Caution: May Contain Nuts', and cast member of Edmonton's legendary live soap 'Die-Nasty!' This Monday, 8:00 at the Park Theatre. A measly $5, and you are guaranteed to have a freakin' ball. Literally. And who doesn't like balls? (rhetorical)
New Scummers welcome!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thank you everyone

So once again the amazing production team behind Soap Scum Presents took all the scraps we had and turned them into our amazing set. Here's a look at what Jamie, Beth, and Gillian all did for's only a few of the many but I had to show some of them.

This is Jam he is my Brother/ Graphic designer, his wife Beth/graphic designer is behind the camera snapping this shot to produce a picture of the King. So they began with a picture.

Then Jamie sketched it out so Beth could paint it.

and then a little bit of Magic...

The eyes actually come out so we can spy on people.
Thanks Jamie and Beth Posters, hand bills, business cards, Logo's and Horses on sticks! You two are amazing.

Dad for your beautiful Mason Royal.

Mom as usual costumes and any other project we throw at you.

And of course Gillian...
Hey Gillian think you can build us a fireplace out of our old garage Styrofoam and one falling apart flat?

This is what we got.

to Darcy Johnson for lights
Jessica Ross for Sounds and sounds and more sound and lights...and funny giggles.